You can visit Costa Rica at any time

When’s the best time to visit Costa Rica?

When’s the best time to visit Costa Rica all-year-round.

The weather here very much depends on where and when you want to visit the country.  Costa Rica itself has an average temperature of 21 ͦC to 28 ̊C and due to its proximity to the equator, it has no real summer or winter. I have travelled to most parts of the country and always happen to be there during the wettest months (October the first time and September last year).

So yes, at times it can be very wet and driving can be a bit treacherous especially when you’re visiting the highlands of Monteverde. Right in the middle of the cloud forest, this tropical rain forest area at altitude, is usually covered in mist and fog part of the day, most of the year anyway. This is also the case when you’re visiting San Gerado de Dota (great for bird watching), where you’re also in a cloud forest.

The Pacific coast in Costa Rica’s driest province Guanacaste, also known as the Gold Coast (with world-class beaches), receives the least rainfall and has more sunny days than anywhere else in the country. The rainy season here starts later as well. When we stayed at Rio Perdido, right in the middle of Guanacaste, we never had a drop off rain, but every evening we witnessed the most amazing thunderstorms, complete with forked lightening and heart thumping thunderclaps in the far distance over the Arenal area.

Inland in Arenal it usually started to rain at around 16.00hrs, and after a while you get used to this pattern and plan your day around it. At Arenas del Mar on the south Pacific it can be very warm and humid, whilst the Caribbean coast has its own micro climate thanks to continual trade winds that keep the climate hot and moist, with rain year around.

As Costa Rica has lots of rain forests, you should expect a bit of rain on any day, but it’s safe to say that the driest season (also the most expensive and busiest time) is from November until April when the temperature hovers around the thirties and the sea is lovely and warm. The wetter season (often referred to as the green season) is from May till the end of October. Prices to visit Costa Rica are at their lowest from May until June and obviously in September and October, with a mini high season in July and August.

Now that you know about the different seasons, it’s up to you to pick where and when you would like to go. If you fancy a chat, why not ring me on 017687 21040, or send us: