Viva Cuba!

Viva Cuba! We started off in Style, followed by Active and Self-drive and the last one to be added was the Best.

We love our Archipelagos and Cuba is definately one with 4195 islands and Cayos.  This latest Archipelago Choice destination is the under-discovered island of Revolution, an archipelago of mountains, beaches, sandy islands and 12 National Parks.

You’ll be amazed at what this small colourful island has in store for travellers. From beautiful beaches and majestic mogotes (limestone outcrops) to revolutionary rebels (Ché and Castro); there’s enough to create intrepid itineraries for everyone.

Cuba Holidays - plaza

How to get around?

If you want an in-depth feel of the country, then why not have a private driver, who’ll also be your personal guide and hopefully at the end of your trip, your friend. Our drivers will know where to stop, where to eat and will tell you all you need to know about their country.

For the independent travellers cat hire could be an option and recommend our self-drive trips and sorry, but other than your pick-up from the airport and your Havana sightseeing tour, driving around in a classic American car will be off limits. If you have all the time in the world and are of the adventurous kind, you may be tempted in doing our trips by public transport.

What to visit?

There are  many wonderful beaches, and we can offer extentions so you have a few days relaxing on the coast.  We prefer to avoid the more popular areas around Varadero and instead head to the islands of Cayo Santa Maria or Baracoa on the south coast. There is a constant, almost unavoidable theme, to visiting Cuba….The Revolution.  This point in the islands history creates a narrative and the almost unavoidable conclusion that you too must visit some of the revolutionary sites like Comandancia de la Plata (Castro’s jungle hideaway) or Ché’s mausoleum.  Beyond this, there is much to explore and learn about Cubas pre-revolutionary history and culture in Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. And I haven’t even touched on the music, salsa, rum or cigars yet…

Where to stay

Cuba Holidays - Mascotte

Let’s face it Cuba has lots to offer for young and old, whether you stay in a Casa Particulares (much like our B&B) or a historical building that has been converted into a Spanish colonial-style hotel. One thing is for sure Cuba should be explored.

What to do next

If, after reading all of the above, has stirred some interest in any of our Cuba itineraries, or a completely bespoke trip, then please email or ring us for a chat on 017687 21040.


Viva Cuba e Hasta la vista!