Three reasons why you should book with Archipelago Choice

Well we can obviously think of oodles of reasons why you should book your Archipelago Choice holiday with us, but then we would just be boasting. So we thought we should keep it simple and point out the three most important reasons first.

1). Our dedicated team cares
As highlighted in a recent report, small is great and big is not always better. Our multi-tasking team of 4 travel specialists have been to the countries they create holidays in and, most importantly, have a genuine connection with all our destinations and the people we work with. That’s why we can suggest amazing experiences when we create your dream holiday.

We’re a happy bunch that like to share our travel experiences with you and when you book we can assure you that all our holidays are fully ATOL or IPP bonded.

Archipelago Choice - Lakes

But most importantly we care. We care about you, the holidays we create and the service we give.

And we care about the world we live in, which is why we use independent like-minded operators and service providers; they not only deliver outstanding  service, but also it ensures the money stays in the local economy and not into the pockets of big business.

We’re based in Keswick in the lovely Lake District and we’re involved with local tree planting projects to preserve this area for generations to come.

Come and meet us when you’re in the area.

2). Over 100 years of travel experience
Just recently, travel editor and presenter Simon Calder celebrated working in travel for 25 years. Good on him!

Archipelago Choice may have ‘only’ been going for 24 years, but the combined travel experience of our team well exceeds Simon’s; we’re clocking well over 100 years!!!

You can tell when you’re talking to us, that we know our destinations inside out and have all the knowledge to put a memorable holiday together for you. We’ll be with you all the way; from the moment you pick up the phone to chat to us, book your trip, are in the destination and return home again.

But it’s not just the knowledge about our destinations – we also have top travel tips to share; like things to pack, what to wear and where to eat. We’ll keep an eye out for you, even when you’re far away, our colleagues in the destinations will be on hand to help you 24/7, in case you need some assistance.

3). 8 destinations, hundreds of activities and we’ve lost count of unique experiences created
You have lots of Choices now! For years we only sold the Azores, which is still our number one destination. There are so many activities to do in this amazing archipelago, that many people who travel with us return to the Azores for a second, third or fourth time!

When we decided to expand, we looked for a winter destination and designed off the beaten track experiences in Cape Verde.

Three  years ago we added exotic Sao Tome & Principe and contrary to popular belief, there’s lots to do on Madeira so we added that one too.

With Portugal, Namibia, Costa Rica and Cuba the choice has become even wider and diverse, with plenty of (Archipelago) Choice for everyone.

If you need more convincing, why not pick up the phone 017687 721040 (or US: 1-800-490-0446) and have a chat with one of us; we’d love to create your next dream holiday.