We plant trees to help minimise our carbon footprint

Planting trees to offsetting your flight

If you’ve travelled with us, you’ll know that our carbon contribution scheme doesn’t fund a project in some far-flung destination, but one which is much closer to our Lake District home. In fact, so close that we can get involved with it ourselves!

Since 2015, we’ve planted 10,000 broadleaf trees and hedgerow bushes in Cumbria in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and other local organisations..  They are planted within small and large schemes and are managed properly so that they become big trees in the future.  In 2022, we plan to plant many more.

As well as capturing carbon, our trees have many more benefits :

BIODIVERSITY – The UK now has the lowest woodland cover (apart from Ireland) in Europe at about 12% of our land area and only a small proportion of that is really old woodland of the highest value for wildlife — what is called “ancient woodland”, effectively our own rain forest. Woodlands are our most biodiverse habitats supporting many species of birds, bees, insects, beetles, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. Big old trees provide roosts and homes for wildlife and are essential for housing much of our wildlife.

HABITAT VALUE – Woodland next to water also provides habitat value for fish and the insects and invertebrates living in streams and rivers. Leaves falling into mountain streams provide food for the smaller insects and invertebrates that go on to feed fish and streamside roots and branches provide security for fish fry to hide from predators.

So planting new forests is a really good thing for our wildlife. But there are also other really important things that trees and woods do for us:

WATER QUALITY & TEMPERATURE – Fencing of land next to rivers and planting trees reduces the amount of pollution getting into the water. Trees providing shade over rivers moderate temperatures which can increase rapidly in summer to levels which can kill fish.

AIR TEMPERATURE – Trees moderate the effects of weather by sheltering stock and wildlife.

TREES ARE REALLY MAGNIFICENT!! They take up carbon, harness water (vast quantities — even a small sapling will use 60 litres a week), recycle nutrients, provide oxygen and they clean the air.

Our holiday contribution scheme
When you book a holiday with us you’ll be given the option to contribute £5 (for short haul) and £10 (for long haul) per person towards this scheme and you can rest assured that we’ll be getting our hands dirty too. Our team and their families have helped out on various tree planting days including one on the back of Latrigg above Keswick and another at Coledale just 3 miles away.

Tailormade holidays with Archipelago Choice

Holidays are very personal to each of us and planning a trip to somewhere less travelled requires good advice and careful planning.  For over 20 years the team at Archipelago Choice has travelled extensively to all the special destinations we offer and have unrivalled knowledge based on our own personal travel experiences.

We are a member of AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators) which encourages the highest standards in all aspects of tour operating. All members must adhere to the AITO Quality Charter.

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