The Great Winter Escape – Cape Verde Walking

It’s time to plan your Great Winter Escape – Cape Verde Walking trip.

I know that it’s only early September, but after experiencing a few cold and rainy days – certainly up North (and in the Lake District where we are), you know that Autumn is approaching fast.

The countdown to Christmas has started and it’s that time of the year again that you should be planning your  Great Winter Escape – Cape Verde Walking trip now.

If you’re a keen walker, you should seriously consider Cape Verde, a melting pot of diverse islands that makes the archipelago so special and interesting.

The walks we found on our travels to the islands vary from challenging and steep, to short but interesting rambles through villages. Depending on how remote the walk is, we’ll suggest lunch in a local cafe or you’ll be given a picnic box (at the start of the walk) – these cater for all dietary requirements and vary from delicious pasta salads or sandwiches, a slice of cake and fruit.

We have done all the walks ourselves, and will be able to tell you whether a walk would be suitable for you.

Enjoy amazing experiences with our English speaking guide with our Best of Cape Verde Walking Holiday  scrambling up the highest peak – Pico d’Antonia (1392m) – on Santiago, and standing on top of Cape Verde’s highest point and volcano – Pico de Fogo (2829m) – this is made all the more exciting with an exhilarating scree run down!

Sao Vicente’s highest spot – Monte Verde (744m) – has amazing views of the neigbouring islands but for something completely different, hike through alpine hills scattered with wildflowers to get to the top of Tope de Coroa (1979m) on Santo Antao.

If you’d rather be completely independent, take a look at our Cape Verde Self-Guided Walking Holiday.

Both trips have a choice of beautiful accommodations and we can change the itinerary if you think that they’re too long, want to combine it with other activities or feel you need more relaxation and want to see some of Cape Verde’s stunning beaches – the ones which only the locals know about!

With us, (almost) everything is possible!

Give me or my colleagues Jake and Max a ring on 01768 721040 for a chat and we’ll put together your personalised holiday to Cape Verde.