The Azores’ undiscovered islands – Graciosa

Far from sirens, crowded streets, shopping malls and traffic jams lies the tiny island of Graciosa.  Hundreds of miles away from a cappuccino snatched hastily between appointments, the cows drift quietly along the lanes, browsing the verges for the tastiest herbs.

On Graciosa there is no need to rush about; there’s plenty to see and do but the pleasure is in the detail.  …In the exploration of a sleepy, flower filled village; the casual circumnavigation of an enormous volcanic crater; the savouring of an ice-cream as you gaze out to sea and remember a few things about life you might have forgotten as it sped by.

Graciosa is about an understated as you can get.  It has a gigantic cave at the bottom of its enormous crater; a rock shaped distinctly like a whale; several quaint and very appealing windmills, it’s own recipe for mouth watering  quejadas (Portuguese pastries)…but it doesn’t shout about it.  It has amazing diving in its clear waters and close by is an islet where Monteiro’s Storm Petrels love to hang out.  You have to get a boat there and you’ve got a good chance of having it all to yourself.

There’s a small choice of great places to stay and if you enjoy self catering you might like to stay in one of the family friendly modern houses Quinta do Bairro.  If you prefer bed and breakfast, you’ll love the Graciosa Resort Biosphere Island Hotel with its spacious rooms, outdoor pool, delicious cocktails and peaceful location close to the sea, or the pretty Residencial Ilha Graciosa in the charming village of Santa Cruz.

Between walks, swims and sightseeing, we recommend visiting the ‘Dolphin Snack Bar’cafe, right by the sea, where you’ll eat delicious fish caught that day and remember it for years to come.  But don’t let us spoil it for you, the magic is in the sights, tastes and smells and you need to experience it for yourself!

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