Susanne’s choice of great places to stay on our Cape Verde holidays

Would you rather stay in a small hotel surrounded by fantastic scenery and get to know the owners, or be in an all-inclusive hotel surrounded by lots of other guests?

At Archipelago Choice, we think that our clients prefer the former on our Cape Verde holidays, which is why our selection of accommodation in Cape Verde is just that. Small, quirky, boutique style and offering an overall great experience.

I can think of at least five places where I really felt welcome and where I wasn’t treated as just a passing guest. These places are family run hotels, where the owners have a genuine interest in their guests and try to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Pensao Jardim has long been a favourite. On the less visited island of Sao Nicolau, this spotless little pension is run by diminutive Dona Valentina (Dona Va – as the locals call her), who reminded me so much of my mum, I wanted to hug her all the time. Together with her daughter Shia and husband Francisco, she has created a lovely home from home environment in their pension overlooking Ribeira Vila.

Pensao Jardim, Sao Nicolau - Dona Va and husband
Dona Va and her husband at Pensao Jardim, Sao Nicolau

Cape Verdean Julia and her husband Frenchman Jean from Pousada Vassora on Santiago, live on the upper floor of their wonderful hotel, built on a ridge on the outskirts of Assomada. Their colour themed rooms are so inviting, I almost felt guilty entering it with my dirty walking boots. Let alone sleep on the bed, with its tastefully picked throws and cushions. The home-cooked evening dinner is served at a large table and is a great opportunity to exchange stories with the other guests.

Moving on to Sao Vicente, you should absolutely stay at Isabel’s old home, which she renovated and turned into a delightful and welcoming place. Named after her father, Kira’s boutique hotel is close to Amilcar Cabral plaza and within walking distance of restaurants and music venues. The beautifully decorated rooms are named after the islands and the place also has a lovely sun terrace.

Kira's.Owner Isabel with Susanne.Mindelo.Sao Vicente.Cape
Kira’s Owner Isabel with Susanne on Mindelo, Sao Vicente.

Mimi at Kasa d’Igreja on Santo Antao, and her infectious enthusiasm, makes you wish that you booked more nights at this romantic, off the beaten track guesthouse. She gives some French flair not only to the tastefully designed rooms, but also to her excellent cooking. She took great delight in offering us delicious goosenecked barnacles and papagaio fish

Last but not least there is Mar Tranquilidade also on Santo Antao, right at the other end of the island and perhaps the most difficult place to get to. After a long and never ending bumpy ride you end up in what seems to be the end of the world. A small paradise created by Frank and Susie, a German / American couple. A place with no hot water and erratic internet connection, but where everyone staying there seems to have found the tranquillity they have all longed for.

If you want to stay in any of the above-mentioned accommodation, then contact us now and we can arrange for you to stay in one (or more) of these places.

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