Surfing hippos of Gabon

Just a hop across the Gulf of Guinea from the tropical islands of São Tomé we’ve visited many times, lies the little known eden of Gabon.

On our adventurous Gabon Holidays, we take you deep into the forest to the very special Loango National Park where you can spend time with the only habituated troop of Western gorilla, and search for forest elephant, forest buffalo and red river hog as well as numerous other mammal and bird species.

Gabon Holidays - Surfing Hippo

But perhaps one of the most astonishing wildlife spectacles at Loango are the surfing hippo.  Brought to the world’s attention by conservationist Mike Fay at the end of his Mega Transect expedition in 2000, the hippo’s surfing behaviour is a fascinating sight.  It appears they might swim and surf in the sea for pleasure just like us; or perhaps the waves are better at getting rid of parasites.

You’ll have the best chance of seeing hippos both on the beach and surfing between December and April.  To find out more about what it’s like to visit Gabon, call our destination specialists Ian and Max who have visited themselves, on 01768 721020.