Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Azores

Want to Swap Sun Beds for Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding is on the increase. A great form of full body exercise and a fantastic experience, with similar aspects of surfing and kayaking, it’s great fun, sailing down a river, gliding on a lake or facing the waves in the ocean. With Archipelago Choice, you can try paddle boarding in the Azores, on your holiday, but before you do here is a quick guide!

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Happy customer paddle boarding in the Azores.

What is Paddle Boarding and What’s a Stand Up Paddle Board?

This is a water based sport, that requires a stand up paddle board, a paddle and leash. You start by floating out onto the water and then carefully stand up once you’re stable and comfortable. Then simply use the paddle to navigate yourself around the water. The leash is attached to your calf or ankle, ensuring your paddle board doesn’t float away if you fall off. It’s a great activity to do with family or friends, and much more accessible than its predecessors.

It’s now gone mainstream and more people than ever know of stand up paddle boarding, with the World Paddle Association and numerous companies producing high-quality equipment, it’s a sought after activity, and with some practice, anyone can do it!

It’s said that Maui surf legend, Laird Hamilton was looking for a way to cross train for big waves in the early 90’s. He grabbed a canoe paddle, his longest surfboard and found that paddling while upright to be a fantastic workout. Many believe he invented the sport, but roots behind this sport come from all over the world, with sources dating back thousands of years. That said, Laird Hamilton inspired the growth of what stand up paddle boarding is and has become today.

Stand Up Paddle Board with Us in the Azores Today!

In short, it is a great activity, for all ages, it might take a bit of time to get used to but feels great when you get the hang of it. Paddle boarding in the Azores is based at the crater lakes of Sete Cidades on the main island of São Miguel. We provide training for those who are inexperienced, book with us now by visiting our site for enquiries and more information.

Order a brochure today, or fill out an enquiry form and one of our island specialists will get back to you as soon as possible, or contact us directly by telephone or email.

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