To Driver, or not to drive, that is the question.....

Self-Drive Holidays with Archipelago Choice

To Driver, or not to drive, that is the question…..

To drive or not to drive is not the only question you have to ask yourself, when you’re looking at our Archipelago Choice holidays. It’s more ‘how would I like to get around’. There are many ways to see a country and this time we’ll focus on our Self-Drive Holidays. For most of the destinations we offer it’s surprisingly easy to self drive it, if you’re a confident driver and don’t mind driving on the right you should be OK.

Non-drivers keep reading, as some of our holidays can be organised with shared or private shuttle transfers, or with a private driver (Cuba is a good example of this). As with everything that we sell, we too have driven the distances and rest assured, even though you will be completely independent, we’ll still be giving you insider tips on where to stop. So, you don’t miss out on those hidden little gems, like a secluded cove or waterfall.

We’ve selected our self-drive destinations on three different continents:

Drive Bullsport to Solitare Namibia

Have you considered our Namibia self-drives? Other than Windhoek and Swakopmund and some other towns, there are hardly any traffic lights and you can drive for hours on dirt roads without seeing anyone. What you can encounter occasionally are animals. Ostriches that look at you when you drive past or horses roaming free in the far distance. It’s of course a completely different story when you drive around Etosha, where you cross paths with all kinds of wild animals like lions, elephants and zebras.

Or what about our self-drive holidays in Costa Rica? Like Namibia you will always be given a reliable 4WD vehicle as no doubt there will be some off-road or pothole that you will need to navigate and avoid, like the roads to Monteverde and Rio Perdido.

As it’s so small – the island of Madeira – is also a fantastic self-drive destination. Ok, you can drive around the whole island in one day, but why would you do that? Have a look at our Madeira self-drive, or just hire a car for a few days whilst you’re basing yourself in Funchal. We can arrange for your car to be delivered and picked up from your hotel – so no long tedious queueing at the airport either.

If you’re looking for a self drive holiday with a difference, then email us to book a discovery call (we also offer Zoom calls).


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