Salsa Dancing in Cuba

When you’re reading this, I’ll hopefully have already done some Salsa Dancing in Cuba.

I’m writing this a few days before my departure to Cuba and can’t wait. Ever since this trip had been on the cards, I thought a good way to immerse myself into the Cuban way of life would be to be able to dance –  salsa dancing to be more specific.

Like everyone else, I like to boogie, but with my two left feet I’ve never attempted any kind of dancing where you had to dance as a couple, let alone hold hands. They say salsa dancing as a woman is even more of a challenge since you’re literally in the hands of a man….I’d beg to differ!  You relax your arms and let the man guide you into the next moves. For a control freak like me, that was very difficult.

At home, I thought about practicing by watching videos on YouTube, but this just feels weird. So I’m hoping that someone, who’s very patient, will guide me through the first steps

If you’re interested you should check out your local Salsa dancing class, even if it’s not your intention to visit Cuba – yet. It’s fun, a great work out and you get to meet a nice bunch of people.

Salsa Dancing in Cuba

So depending on the all-important WiFi (apparently this can be quite sporadic and temperamental), I might send some messages from Cuba whilst I am there.

In my first week, I’ll be visiting Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago, Camaguey, Santa Clara, Remedios and Cayo Santa Maria. All places that you too can visit on our Cuba in Style and Best of Cuba trips.

During this two week trip, I’ll be visiting hotels and casas particulares, explore places on foot and do some activities like horseriding and of course, check out the beaches.

In my second week, I’ll have a car and will be driving to the western region, and stay in Vinales, Cayo Levisa, Las Terrazas and Varadero. This is similar to our Honeymoon on a Shoestring, and at the end of the trip I’ll spend one day to check out the white sandy beaches of Varadero – check out our Cuba Self-Drive & Beach Holiday.

Look out for my ‘Cuba Calling’ snippets on Archipelago Choice’s Social Media, we’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram, and I’ll hopefully be in touch again soon.

Hasta la Vista,