Paradise and luxury in Principe

The luxury of Príncipe‘s accommodation is as much about the small gestures as it is about the big ones.

The flowers on your pillow, excellent quality linen, polish and exactness are all there, and would tick the boxes of the most dedicated of inspectors but more, it’s the time and the sun and the soul and the smiles that makes the luxury of Príncipe so calming and transforming. Here, to rush about under the pressures of modern day life would seem quite bizarre. The luxury is being taken in like a long lost friend, and gently pampered by the people that surround you, the waves and the rainforest.

To most people dreaming of salvation in the form of a tropical hotel on the beach miles from anywhere, Bom Bom Island Eco Lodge is the real life paradise. I stayed in the beachfront and poolside (ideal for families) bungalows, both tastefully decorated in a minimalist eco-chic style. I enjoyed swimming and bird watching when ever I had a spare moment and found real adventure in paddle boarding along the sandy beaches. The jungle walks took me into the rainforest and my excellent guide turned a mysterious world of bugs and beetles into something magical.

Bom Bom Eco Lodge Prinicipe Sao Tome
Romantic walkway to Bom Bom islet

At Belo Monte, every day felt precious. The rooms are delightful and your every need (for a person on a tropical island – I’m not talking business suites and running machines!) is cared for. Banana beach, star of the 1980’s Bacardi advert, is just a 10 minute walk or 2 minute jeep ride away and, when you’re not snorkelling, you can dive and kayak from here. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can follow the rustic paths and discover several more palm lined beaches; there can be no better place to play pirates and practise your island survival skills with your family than here!

Gorgeous room at Belo Monte

Roça Sundy‘s charm comes from the weight of its history and the lightness of its offering today – a place to escape to mother nature. Furnished with some of the original pieces from its time at the beginning of the 20th century as one of the largest plantations on São Tomé and Príncipe, its luxury is practical, earthy and comforting. Here you are a part of Príncipe, and a part of what makes life so fun; the community. When you’re not out on guided walks, whale watching or wondering at the giants growing in the kitchen gardens, kick a football around in the square and join in some of the games… the bewitching smiles of the gorgeous children will leave you little choice…

Balcony view at Roca Sundy

When darkness comes to Príncipe, you will feel something luxurious has seeped into your every pore. It is a place the art of mindfulness never left and you can rest assured that if you ever lost it, it will find you.

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Emma O’Rouke