What Max loves about our Azores holidays

In December, new Archipelago team member, Max, spent two weeks trying and testing our Azores holidays so that he can put together the very best holiday itineraries for you.  He loved his time on the islands and has penned some of his first impressions below…

‘My two weeks in the Azores touring five islands passed in an intense blur of sights, sounds and tastes.

Each island has its own distinct feel – cosmopolitan Sao Miguel, wild bull Terceira, old port and new land of Faial, proud Pico and intimate Santa Maria.

There’s so much to talk about, but the main thing that struck me about the archipelago is the distinct geology.

The islands rise from the sea in a riot of black rock, lava frozen at the point of contact with the ocean and not yet tamed.

Volcanic beach on the pretty island of Terceira
Volcanic beach on the pretty island of Terceira

Arriving with a British point of view and experience, the islands are so fresh and new and I really loved that.  In the UK, the most recent rock creation by volcanic activity was around 52 million years ago, whereas Santa Maria proudly has the oldest of the Azorean basalt, aged 8 million years…very recent really!

Faial has an entire promontory created in 1958 – less than 60 years ago – and I found visiting this fresh terra firma at the volcano of Capelinhos a profoundly humbling experience. The former lighthouse at Capelinhos is now mostly buried by volcanic ash – testament to the forces of nature at work.  The lighthouse is redundant as the coastline it warned about moved almost a kilometre into the sea after the eruption in 1958.

All this is happening in the centre of the Atlantic; the nine main islands straddle two continental plates and this meeting point is the mechanism, and reason, for their existence….it’s a fascinating place to visit.

I can’t wait to return, and to put together your Azores holidays.’

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At Archipelago Choice, our small friendly team of island holiday specialists has been organising tailor-made holidays to the Azores since 1998 and more recently to Cape Verde, Madeira and Saõ Tomé and Príncipe. Over this time we have developed the most comprehensive, flexible and fairly priced holidays to these beautiful islands.

All the holidays we organise are put together with great care using our extensive knowledge of the islands and our experience of travelling around them. We try very hard to give the most choice and flexibility possible combining activities, accommodation and island hopping so we put together holidays that best suit our clients.

So whether you want to go whale watching, walking, canyoning, kite surfing or just relaxing on the beach, you can be sure our team of island holiday specialists will be able to help.

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