Why is Madeira getting so popular?

Madeira has beautiful weather all year round and that’s not the only thing going for it. With its event-packed calendar from January to December you can experience the Flower Festival in May or the Madeira Wine Festival in September or anything else that takes your fancy, really.

To make it even better we can combine some exciting activities for you to make the most of your time there.

Why is Madeira a good holiday destination?

If the reasons above didn’t convince you, have a look at all you can do on this stunning island. We can combine any activities for you, just say the word.


With great walks ranging from easy to challenging, Madeira is the perfect destination if you would like to stretch your legs and try one of ours walking holidays. All the trails are signposted, so you could either go walking on your own or, if you prefer, be part of a small guided group.

The dramatic coastal paths too can have their challenges as they can often be steep with no shade or quite windy. However, you will be rewarded with the most amazing scenery and you’ll want to stop several times to take pictures.

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Whale and dolphin watching

Madeira’s position in the North Atlantic makes it the ideal destination for Whale and Dolphin watching. Add in the island’s temperate Winter weather, and you’ve arguably got the best year-round destination for Cetaceans (and for humans to spot them).

Many define this activity as an awe-inspiring experience that only those who have done it can really describe what it feels like to witness these larger-than-life mammals swim their way across the ocean.

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Canyoning is rapidly becoming one of our most popular activities among children and adults, and Madeira is the go to place for it – although our friends in the Azores might have something to say about that.

If you’ve never been before, here’s how it works: our guides will drive you up into a beautifully green, lush valley on the North coast of the island. You’ll pop on a dry suit, helmet and harness, before scrambling, jumping and abseiling down a forest gorge.

It’s a great activity whatever your age and level of experience, although you do need a good head for heights and grippy footwear.

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Guided jeep tours 

Madeira looks like a small island on paper. Once you’re here, you’ll see that the steep terrain and sinuous, winding roads make it tricky to explore the entire island in just one week.

Our guided jeep tours take you to those lesser visited parts of Madeira you might otherwise miss, taking you through breathtaking landscapes of steep mountain ridges and sea cliffs, with spectacular views out over the Atlantic.

Many of our guided Jeep Tours also head off-road, where you’ll see the protected Laurel forests which are indigenous to the island. Much of the island’s wild interior is classified as a protected Natural Park – the aim is to conserve what remains of the Laurel Forests which were once common across mainland Europe

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Madeira Holidays Specialists

At Archipelago Choice we have a team of Activity Holidays Specialists who know all about Madeira and the best ways to explore it. They are ready to answer all your questions — from ‘is Madeira a good holiday destination’ to ‘where to stay and how to get around?’

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