Here’s why you’ll love Namibia

Namibia, on the west coast of southern Africa, is full of surprises.  I lived in South Africa for a while, but even so knew little of what to expect as I flew into Windhoek.  A desert? Flat land?        ……..Tumbleweed?

How wrong I was. Namibia is blessed with a landscape so dramatic it will literally take your breath away each time you view it from a new angle.

As you explore, you’ll watch mountains change colour as the sun rises and falls in the sky; their impact heightened not by their great altitude, but by their absolute contrast with the immense grassy plains.  The mighty sand dunes at Sossusvlei  will simply (but not literally) blow you away with their vastness and colours; ignited deep red at sunrise and fading to bleached yellow as the day goes on.  In Damaraland, one of the last refuges of the black rhino, you’ll be seduced by the rich brown, rugged land strewn with rocks and dotted with bright vegetation and Fred Flintstone like mountains of boulders.   Your inner photographer  – even if you think you don’t have one – will be irrepressible as you capture image after undeletable image to share with family and friends.

But the landscape is not the only reason you’ll love Namibia. The hospitality is wonderfully warm and sincere; striking a perfect balance between spoiling you with luxury and keeping you grounded with practicality.  In Namibia, everywhere you’ll stay, from lodges to homestays and camps, seems to have been created if not by mother nature herself, with her firmly nurturing the design.

Namibia has incredible wildlife and even without visiting Etosha National Park you’ll spot oryx, zebra, small antelope like klipspringer, baboons, perhaps even desert adapted elephants and…if you’re lucky and in the right place, desert dwelling horses (that possibly don’t occur anywhere else on earth).

Etosha National Park is so wonderful it deserves it’s own post, if not two.  There are so many more reasons you’ll love Namibia…sleeping under the stars, discovering ancient cultures, seeing some of the world’s oldest rock engravings, sundowners under painted skies, kayaking with fur seals, walking beautiful trails…you’ll do all these on our Nambia holidays.

We’ve put together four itineraries, carefully crafted to give you the best possible experience; but everything can be tailored to your interests and needs.   To start planning your Namibia holiday call our destination specialist Ian on  01768 721020.