Fogo island - Definately worth exploring

Discover Fogo in Cape Verde

Our Cape Verde holidays wouldn’t be the same without including the fiery island of Fogo!

Fogo is the most volcanically active of all the islands and is dominated by Fogo do Pico (2829m). It consists of a single volcano, which is why the island is almost circle-shaped and about 25 kilometers (16 miles) in diameter. (You can read all about the last eruption on our blog).

The peak sits within the spectacular Cha das Caldeiras with its black volcanic moonscape and monstrously contorted lava flows that beg to be climbed. After a hard day’s walk in the crater, relax in colourful and peaceful São Filipe, on the coast.

And do try to get a seat on the right-hand side of the plane when you’re flying to this island, the view is awesome!

Highlights of Fogo

Dominated by the highest volcano of all the islands, Pico do Fogo (2829m). Walk along the impressive Bordeira and view the spectacular black volcanic moonscape of Cha das Caldeiras from above.

Why not overnight in the great crater of Cha das Caldeiras by staying in a guesthouse recently re-built on the hot lava flows with its natural underfloor heating and marvel at the starry sky at night above. Stay in tranquil Sao Filipe with its pretty plazas and beautifully restored Sobrados (houses built by the wealthy around a central courtyard), it is the perfect place to stroll around on your own.

Fogo in Cape Verde

In the evening enjoy a delicious seafood meal and wash it away with a fruity glass of local wine. The biggest event is the Bandeira (Flag) de Sao Filipe in April, when horses, even from the USA, are transported to this island for the most popular annual horse race of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Activity Holidays

On Fogo we are able to offer experiences which reflect the highlights of the island allowing you to step off the beaten track or indulge in some of the more active water sports on offer.

We have many unique holidays to Cape Verde and a very popular one is our Fogo Discovery.

A week full of contrasts, which already starts when you approach Fogo from the air. Majestic Pico Grande towers over everything (even your plane when you approach the island), and on a clear day can also be seen from Santiago. Climb up the steep ridge to the top of this active volcano, with amazing views of the crater and the lava fields below.

Then run down the scree and ash slopes, back to your Casa, which was built on the hot lava floor after the most recent eruption in 2014. Wander through the cobbled streets of colourful of Sao Filipe and Mosteiros – and relax with a glass of local Fogo wine, whilst watching the sun go down over neighbouring island Brava.

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Where to stay on Fogo

Fogo has a small but lovely range of hotels and guesthouses. Most are in the capital Sao Filipe, however, you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a night or two staying the great crater of Cha das Caldeiras at the foot of Mt Fogo.

One of the best and most interesting places to stay on Fogo is Casa Marisa

Casa Marisa on Fogo, Cape Verde
Casa Marisa on Fogo, Cape Verde

Casa Marisa literally rose from the ashes after the volcanic eruption of Pico de Fogo in November 2014. The newly re-built casa was re-opened again less than a year later on top of the hot lava (make sure to wear some footwear as the floor is still too hot to walk on with bare feet).

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