Costa Rica and the ring of fire

Costa Rica and the Pacific Ring of Fire

The Tolkienesque title sounds like something out of a film, just like Costa Rica’s connection with the Jurassic Park movies.

But did you know that nearly all earthquakes on our planet occur within this Pacific Ring of Fire, which runs all the way from New Zealand through the Pacific Islands,  Indonesia and Japan to Russia and then down via the USA, Costa Rica and Chile back to New Zealand? Another interesting factor as well is that nearly two thirds of all volcanoes in the world can be found within this Pacific Ring of Fire.

Costa Rica has 112 volcanoes some still active, but most of them are dormant and don’t worry that one will suddenly erupt whilst you’re on holiday in this amazing country. The technology to predict any sudden seismic changes is pretty advanced and plenty of warning will be given by the volcano itself, like small earthquakes and gas emissions.

Costa Rica Holidays - Arenal

The country’s most iconic volcano Arenal is one of the most active in the world and is monitored by scientists on a daily basis. Its last eruption was in 1968, and every now and then you can still see smoke plumes rising from the top. The volcano has a mesmerising effect on people and even though we are fully aware of the underlying dangers, Arenal is the most visited tourist attraction in Costa Rica. Everyone wants to see that perfect cone (although it’s sometimes hidden in the clouds), ideally from their own room or restaurant.

It’s no surprise that the hotels we have selected in the Arenal area, from Kioro Suites & Spa, to Arenal Springs Resort, Nayara Resort Spa & Gardens and Arenal Volcano Inn  offer views of the volcano. Other volcanoes you can visit are Poas Volcano not far from San Jose. Unlike Arenal where you can’t get too close, you can drive straight up to the main crater and look down into the sulphurous bubbling cauldron and marvel at the green lake. If you overnight at the nearby Peace Lodge, you can get up early to see the crater when it’s not covered in clouds.

Costa Rica Holidays - Fumaroles

Further north the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano has been very useful for places like Hacienda Guachipelin or Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa, which have benefited from the volcano’s geothermal activity and have created thermal hot springs and mud pools in their grounds. Both hotels also organise interesting hikes and activities in the vicinity of the volcano.

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