Old Values for a New World in Cape Verde holidays

Andrea and Jack Montgomery, authors of the online travel magazine ‘Buzz Trips’ explore one of our Cape Verde holidays.

They spent the week on the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao exploring coastal trails and mountain paths through fertile plantations and valleys etched with terraces.

Beautiful holidays

Andrea and Jack described Cape Verde as ‘possibly one of the most beautiful places they had ever been’ and their evocative blog posts are a captivating read.

Follow the links below to read a selection of our favorite entries which describe the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscape and people they meet along the way:

Old Values for a New World in Cape Verde – In her award winning blog post, Andrea walks from Pinhao to Lomba Branco on Santo Antao and gets a true sense of the Cape Verdean values that are handed down through generations.

‘Sparked by the view of the cemetery on the hill and despite the effort of the climb, all the way up Hetty regales us with tales of her grandmother, a woman who fought hard all her life to make a home for her family…’  Read more here

Mountain views from the Paul Valley, Santo Antao, Cape Verde www.capeverdechoice.com
Mountain views from the Paul Valley, Santo Antao, Cape Verde

Ten scenes of Cape Verde – Jack puts together 10 of his favorite impressions of Cape Verde.

‘I have to confess to being so overwhelmed by Cape Verde I don’t know where to begin – so many thoughts, so many memories of surprisingly lush ribeiras, the bluest waters…’  Read more here

Coastal walking on Santo Antao – Adventures along the path from Cruzinha to Ponta do Sol

‘Ahead of us, behind a wavering heat haze of a curtain, sheer cliffs guard the coastline as far as we can see. Clinging to the bottom of them, like a nervous interloper, is the path that’s going to take us from Cruzinha to Ponta do Sol on the Cape Verde island of Santo Antao….’ Read more here

Hiking on Sao Vicente and Santo Antao in Cape Verde – A concise overview of walking on the two islands; terrain, routes, equipment to take and arguments for guided vs self-guided.

‘Whether winding down from the top of a volcanic basin rim to its floor or traversing the rugged coastal path, this is the most challenging and rewarding hiking we have ever done, and we’ve done a lot…’  Read more here

guided walking Cape Verde holidays
Cruzinha to Ponta do Sol walk Santo Antao, Cape Verde

Discover these holidays for yourself

Archipelago Choice designed a tailor made Cape Verde holiday for Andrea and Jack; if you would like to find out more about visiting these spectacular islands please call Jake or Ian on 017687 75672 or email jake@archipelagochoice.com